Our Services

CGI Graphics

Product shots, backplates, landscapes, conceptual images, abstract art - anything is possible with CGI!
We produce pictures from actual objects, sketches or CAD data.
Our highly experienced retouchers finish the 3D rendering in 2D, compositing and adding final touches for the extra photo-realistic look.

Creative Photo Retouching

With our concept "painting photos" we offer the highest grade of fine retouching and compositing to deliver a supreme product.
This is the traditional retouching you would expect but you won't believe what our digital artists can create from scratch until you see it with your own eyes.

CG Video & VFX

Full CG videos & clips, match moving and film integration, special effects - we bring your visions of hyper-realistic graphics into motion.
We offer a one-stop solution; which means you will get anything from web-sized CG graphics to HD and UHD resolution videos in one production.

High-Resolution Retouching

Sure, Photoshop is great for enlarging pictures automatically, but our techniques offer other alternatives too.
Reproduction of very low-resolution data to very high-resolution data, exchanging a photo's rough grain with evenly fine grain – it’s possible to use the original image in various fields of high quality creative work.

Digital Data – Management

Newspaper & magazines

Posters & billboards

Digital signage & web etc.

Production and delivery of your data according to the form of media

Photo & Video-Production Coordination

Casting of cinematographers and lighting engineers

Arrangement of studios, including cutting edge VR green-screen studios

The perfect one-stop solution for integrating CG material with real-life footage

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