Co-operative Partnership

A sibling and a strong partner

Co-operative Partnership

Creative Control, whilst being a relatively young visualisation company in Germany, was founded out of a co-operative collaboration with its sister company JDI Inc. a Tokyo-based production studio.

This very close and strong partnership brings you over 20 years of experience in advertising and graphics production, retouching and CGI, plus a workforce that also utilises the time difference between Germany and Japan to expand working hours – we understand deadlines. It also merges the Japanese mind-set of absolute accuracy, working to an exact deadline, holding customers in high regard, with the German traits of thoroughness, punctuality, creativity and communication.

About JDI

JDI was founded in 1996 in Tōkyō as Nihon Digital Gazō (Japan Digital Image) and was one of the first companies to work with Quantel's "Paintbox", which was at the time a ground-breaking graphics workstation. A little later, Macintosh and BARCO calibration monitors were introduced into JDI. Photoshop of course became the bread and butter application for some of the most talented digital artists in the Japanese advertisement industry, working for the most prestigious ad-agencies and brands. JDI has also carried out photo restorations and remastering for museums and other official agencies which speaks for JDI's quality of work.

Over the course of time JDI has become a fully-fledged one-stop service company:

  • Digital contents production
  • Commercial photo production services
  • Graphic for print & web production
  • CG Graphic & Video production
  • Artist management as well as copyright management

For those special cases, where our European clients want to work with Japanese companies or wish to arrange a photoshoot in Japan - we are very happy to accommodate this.

We have multilingual ( German/English/Japanese fluent) staff to assist you and we have a deep understanding of the cultural differences.

... and then there is JDI's cute mascot Engel ...

One of the cutest and nicest dogs you will meet in Japan .

She always comes to the door to greet visitors and loves making everyone in the office happy with her friendly tail wags and doggy grin.

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