From dawn to dusk on a virtual rooftop

  • Virtual Timelapse Photography

    From dawn to duskon a virtual rooftop

In our first blog entry we want to start off with a spectacular full CGI video that we produced in our spare time.

Here at Creative ControI we love to play with our digital tools, experiment with technical and artistic possibilities. Maybe we can also inspire you for your own work!

Timelapse photography is becoming more and more common with nifty techniques and hardware for smooth and innovative camera movements. But these are generally aimed towards landscapes. If you want to implement a timelapse from sunrise to sundown into your automotive video (or any other product), technical limitations and unknown weather make it almost impossible to plan and shoot.

So here I take a shot at a full CGI timelapse. Only the sky is made of 585 high quality HDRI photos, lighting the scene. What is actually making virtual timelapses so great is the fact that all the challenges we have with real photography are or possibilities!

The possibilities and challenges, that arise even with virtual timelapse photography, were thoroughly discussed at this years Digility, where the video was featured in a workshop.

The video was rendered with the Vray Cloud beta and is being featured on the Chaosgroup blog - check it out for some more details on how it was produced!

Yours, Manuel.

September 2019

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